6 Tips For Designing and Decorating Your Airbnb

Airbnb is increasingly becoming popular globally, currently having more than 5 million listings, 4 million hosts, and over 400 million travelers using it. This amazing opportunity is changing the world of hospitality, giving people the opportunity to turn their homes and retail property into hotels and earn. The numbers can only rise as more people embrace the idea.

But the platform is competitive for hosts. You must design and decorate your Airbnb to appeal to your guests and give them a home-like or even better experience. Utilizing space and fantastic interior décor with paintings and antique furniture can go a long way in “selling” your rental property.

Here are a few tips for designing your Airbnb that will put you in front of others in the game and get the most from your rental space.

1.  Know Your Guests

The first essential is designing your Airbnb is knowing who your target guests are. Do you want to attract children, millennials, families, professionals, travelers, snowbirds, or couples wishing to spend some time together?

Your guest category will determine whatever furniture, art, or color, among other essentials that you will include in your rental.

2.  Make It Comfortable

You want to include stuff that will enhance the guests’ comfort –these things should be easily noticeable in the photos. A coat stand at the door, fluffy towels, comfy furniture, an entertainment system, and a coffee maker are some of the things that can attract guests to book your Airbnb.

3.  Add Bold Accents

Interior decorations and schemes are crucial in making your Airbnb stand out and wow potential guests. People want to feel something out of the ordinary. Stuff like oversized art pieces, murals, exciting lighting options, wallpapers, indoor plants, string lights near a hot tub, and paint color are some sure ways to increase your bookings.

4.  Don’t Forget the Workspace

Not everyone booking an Airbnb is out on holiday. If your target visitors are workationers, it is paramount that you include a comfortable working space –a quiet one with good internet access.

5.  Make Your Rental Instagrammable

The reason for designing and decorating your Airbnb is to take photos that will appeal to potential guests and increase your bookings, thus earnings. Your rental should be attractive enough for your guests to want to share photos with their friends on social media. That earns you free promotion.

You can play around with your ideas to appeal to different categories of guests. For instance, cool wallpapers and huge mirrors for selfies could appeal to millennials and younger guests. You can also have some memorabilia from noticeable movies or local places that people will feel the need to share.

6.  Work Within Your Budget but Don’t Compromise Style

Designing and decorating an Airbnb doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can thrift unique and stylish second-hand items to intrigue guests and save you money. Visit local thrift shops or go online to get wonderful couches, chairs, and other antique items to add to your Style.

The Bottom Line

A well-designed Airbnb will attract guests, increase booking, and earn you more money. But running one can be hectic, especially if you are busy elsewhere. At Big Easy Management, we understand this. We are your ultimate Airbnb management service provider in New Orleans, freeing up the time you spend managing your Airbnb with listing and improved guest experiences.

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