Frequently Asked Questions

We Follow All Local and National Short Term Rental Rules and Regulations.

General Questions

Short Term Rental

Surprisingly December is a busy month with holidays, but July and August tend to be slow months in New Orleans due to the hot weather. It’s important that owner’s understand that these months will not perform as well as other months and should be prepared for.

Most guests prefer not to have to deal with anyone after traveling all day. Because of this, we require all properties we work with to have either a lockbox or a keyless entry option. If guests request a person to be available upon check in, we are more than happy to oblige, but it is not the norm and in most cases, not what the guest really wants in their experience.

New Orleans is an Airbnb city. Most people that book trips in New Orleans tend to do it using Airbnb. There is a place for other STR platforms such as or VRBO, but you have to ask yourself, why gather one or two additional bookings a month on platforms that will be at the detriment of your Airbnb listing which can be maximized and produce more than enough bookings? We do on occasion list on VRBO, but we believe in the concept of focusing on one platform and doing it really well. For this, we have found Airbnb to be the best. Our team has extensive experience with Airbnb and stays up to date on all changes that happen within Airbnb to ensure your listing outperforms the market. By continuously tweaking and adjusting your listing’s attributes, we are proud to have an average occupancy rate of 70%. 

We work hand in hand with owners to improve their listing and are open to receiving input. If you want to handle the cleanings to save money, that’s fine. If you want to greet your guests, that’s fine too. We love working with our owners in a variety of ways. 

Airbnb has a process for resolving disputes and there is a deposit made by any guest renting the property to account for inevitable issues that arise. We upload photos, receipts and a description of what happened. Disputes are typically resolved within 30-60 days of reporting the issue.

It’s important to notify your neighbors and it’s great if you have a good relationship with them so they can keep an eye on things. With this in mind, we work with neighbors to ensure there are no violations in the rules and that occupancy is limited only to those that have booked through Airbnb. We are available day and night to resolve inevitable issues. We also have an extensive pre-screening process and check in on guests that have a higher likelihood of violating occupancy rules to ensure there are no parties being held at your property.

We have no limits on the number of times throughout the year that you’d like to reserve your property, after all, it’s yours. With this in mind, we do ask that you provide us adequate time to block the dates, we will not cancel a reservation to accommodate. Canceling a reservation receives a harsh punishment from the booking platform and hurts the overall rank of your listing. 

The biggest issue we find coming up is cleanliness. The reason is because there is no standard of cleanliness, everyone has their own standard and they apply this subjective standard to their stay. In response to this, we’ve created a standardized cleaning checklist that we hold our cleaners to and verify with photos. With the help of this checklist and modified adjustments to each property, cleaning complaints are limited. 

  • Appointment required
  • Mask required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits

Local Rules & Regulations

Follow this link and follow the instructions to register your property in New Orleans. 

2-4 unit properties- If you have a homestead exemption on a property you can Airbnb it, you can rent out up to 5 bedrooms (2 guests per bedroom) or 10 total guests. From our experience, 3 bedrooms is the magic number in New Orleans, but 2 and 4+ do really well too, just more competition or more susceptible to slow months. 

Permit fees apply on an annual basis. Additional information.

Multifamily Residential- $500

Commercial Property- $1,000

Yes, any exchange in 50% ownership requires a new permit to be applied for with the city. 

It’s important to consult your home owner’s insurance provider and understand whether or not they cover short term rental. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover STR’s. New Orleans requires coverage of $1m in general liability. Fortunately, Airbnb extends $1m in coverage per rental. This is why we do not book rentals outside of Airbnb and keep all rentals on the platform.