Film Crew Short Term Housing

Need termporary housing for your film & production crew? We can help!

Short-Term Rentals for Production and Film Crews in New Orleans

production and film crew short term housing in new orleans, la


The film business in New Orleans is actively thriving. While many local cast and crew members are employed on projects, large productions require out-of-town expertise. 

Securing adequate short-term housing to support the Greater New Orleans area industry is sometimes challenging. Affordable units are difficult to find, and hotels in the city can cost a fortune.

That’s where Big Easy Management comes in. We manage Airbnb’s and other short-term rentals that will keep your production workforce comfortably housed without going over budget. 

The New Orleans Film Industry

Shooting a movie, television series, or national commercial in New Orleans is a dream for many in the industry. Not only is the whole place picturesque, but the music, the food, the people, and the atmosphere make it a fun place to work. 

When the out-of-town cast and crew members work in the French Quarter, Garden District, or another area of town, they need accommodations close enough to the film site to make getting to work easy. Calling around and sifting through rental ads for the right situation is time-consuming and often futile.

To find the best short-term rentals for your team, you need the help of a local management company.

The Benefits of Short-term Rentals for a Film Project

When a big production is filming in New Orleans, talented crew and cast members need safe lodging in or near the city.

For film projects, short-term rentals are:

  1. More economical. Hotel rates in a tourist city like New Orleans are typically steep. Over the long haul of film production, the cost can take a big bite out of the budget. Short-term rentals help keep the expense related to extended-stay lodging down. Short-term tenants can save money and eat healthier by having the option to cook their own meals.
  2. Close to production sites. Sometimes filming happens in an area of town where very few, or any, hotels exist. Short-term rentals are available in many residential neighborhoods, so finding one close to the production site is more accessible.
  3. Comfortable. To give the best performance over weeks- or months-long projects, cast and crew members need a place to relax and feel comfortable when they are off the set. Short-term houses, condominiums, or apartment rentals come fully furnished and stocked with the comforts of home. 
  4. Convenient. Crew members don’t want to spend hours looking for conveniences like grocery stores and restaurants during downtime. Our short-term rentals are located in well-established areas in close proximity to shopping, dining, services, and gyms, assuring you and your crew that you will never be more than walking distance away from authentic southern food.

Centrally-located short-term rentals help a temporary situation feel more familiar for cast and crew members who need to be on top of their games for extended workdays. 

Big Easy Management Can Help! 

To solve your cast and crew residential needs, contact Big Easy Management today. We will help you find affordable, short-term rentals that are comfortable and convenient to your production site. Our knowledge of the city ensures that the professionals on your team are provided with a great place to stay while working here. 

You can rely on us to book quality short-term rentals for everyone involved in your production.